Fair and Balanced Journalism

Ben Bagdikian pointed out in his book “The New Media Monopoly” that media outlets in America are run by 5 conglomerates who control over 90% of all programming seen, heard or read. As a result biases tend to seep not only into the news we turn for facts, but also make appearances where we “get away.”  The first amendment protected freedom of speech and of the press that as a society we govern ourselves wisely.  This last great bastion of freedom is now being undermined, fair reporting little more than a dog and pony show, ideology sold as news is further reinforced in entertainment programming.

Speaking the truth or being critical of government policies subject’s journalists to dismissal and blacklisting. Just ask journalists such as Tim McCarthy who was fired for criticizing the government’s recklessness http://www.progressive.org/mag_mcreporter02 and he is not alone. While any company has a right to determine what they publish, we need to reassess our stance on contemporary journalism; there exists the necessity of multiple opinions from various viewpoints in order to determine what truth is. Our founding fathers knew of this necessity and created its provision; a provision of no value in today’s corporate world, and little enforced.

In order we find the unvarnished truth, we must look to other means for information, outside the 5 media conglomerates. The truth should be the aim of all citizens and through truth, we begin to build a more stable world that all of humanity can live. Let us build that world together, freeing ourselves of the bonds of slavery that ignorance brings. Through knowledge we make better choices for ourselves and our society. This is my reason for creating this blog and its aim. I hope you find informative my contribution to our world in upcoming articles. Welcome to my blog.

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